Today, great solutions can only achieve their goals if they are build with solid partners and including best of breed components
Finoryx has built a strong network of partners that are fully complementary on both business and technology side.


KYC-Chain provides a client onboarding system, pre-scoring and a Blockchain-based infrastructure allowing financial institutions to share between them the results of their KYC processes.
Key benefits for the Industry are firstly operational cost reduction but also a way to close deals faster.


SelfKey is a blockchain based digital identity system where its users -individual or corporates- can truly own, control and manage their digital identity.

In addition of the identity wallet, Selfkey also provide a marketplace of service.


block0 is a blockchain & mobile technology startup based in Belgium.

Their ICO toolkit goes beyond the token and block0 provides to startups an opportunity to build mutually beneficial long-term technology partnership

APAC Consulting

Finoryx co-source some developments using offshore team extension and has cost-effective centre of expertise for some technologies used.
Co-sourcing is a new type of offshoring, it’s combining team members from Belgium together with senior colleagues offshore.

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