Bliep, an asset manager successful Blockchain experiment

In July 2017 APG and Finoryx started a joint innovation experiment. The goal was to develop a platform for institutional investment opportunities, leveraging the advantages of Blockchain technology. The objectives of the experiment were twofold, firstly find out whether a platform for institutional investments can be realized more efficiently by using Blockchain technology; and secondly, raise awareness of this new technology within a multi-disciplinary team from APG.

The experiment was a real success within a challenging timeframe, with the final delivery of a pragmatic and efficient demonstration that is used internally by APG to raise awareness of the Blockchain advantages. Meeting such deadline was only possible because all members of the project felt like a single team, working in a very open mindset, full transparency and true collaborative spirit.

“We have selected Finoryx because it was the only startup at that time having a sound knowledge of the capital markets and a proven experience in Blockchain implementation” remembers Hidde Terpoorten, Innovation Manager and Blockchain Lead at APG.

The project was performed by Olivier Roucloux, who spent 25 years in capital markets, working for prestigious firms such as Euroclear, SWIFT or Euronext; and Benjamin Mateo, a technology veteran, Blockchain expert and founder of the Ethereum Belgium meetup.

Finoryx, created in early 2015, has now gained tremendous experience in building Blockchain business case, architecture and development in the financial markets. It positions the company at the forefront of the innovative and cost effective solutions for banks and fintech’s.

Credits: HTML5 UP